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Soundgirls: Sound Design through another Medium

October 23, 2019

In this article for I explore different mediums that can be used as inspiration for sound designs.

Soundgirls: Radioactive Audio

September 25, 2019

Ever pondered the sounds of Nuclear reactors and tanks?  In this article for Soundgirls, I explore different possibilities from existing sources.

Songs for Camp Followers: Nursery Rhymes

September 22, 2019

One of the joys of Reenacting is stepping into the shoes of history.  You put on the clothing yesteryear and cook the meal over an open fire and either fight a skirmish or cheer for your side.  During downtime you work on your crafts and maybe catch up on the camp gossip.  When night is approaching everyone gathers together to assemble dinner and sing a few songs.  Many of the songs are drinking songs, some are war and political songs, and others might be hymns.  These are all centered around the men of the camp:  their battles, their joys, their life.  In a multi-article series I am going to look into songs that center around women and children.  They can add more color to the downtime, and even make the daily chores go by faster.

Nursery Rhymes are songs for both play and learning.  They are passed down from generation to generation, even so far as to find you may already know many songs that are period accurate to the 1700’s.  Tommy Thumb’s song-book (link) was first published in 1604.  It is the earliest print of nursery rhymes.  There are songs I recognize from books I grew up with, and some that are very close to modern nursery rhymes.  In a collection of early English poetry, ballads and popular literature published in 1843, the volume dedicated to Nursery Rhymes (link, page 86) is stated to have come from oral tradition.  Here too you will find familiar rhymes.  In the text the songs are divided by subject matter, and I think this is useful for deciding which songs fit your camp.  There are historical songs to represent your group’s political affiliations, and songs with stories to pass the time among others.  These two texts make a great foundation for songs that center around children, and can add variety to the songs sung during an encampment event.

Game Night Decor

July 30, 2019

Our little card table is multipurpose. It is the kitchen/dining/game night/philophical discussion table. It is small and gets messy. For the longest time we only had 1 tablecloth, but no longer. During my Game of Thrones “hangover” I quilted a Westeros map with the most medieval printed fabric I could find in my stash. To accompany it, my husband and I created a dice tower inspired by the Red Keep in King’s Landing. It is complete with a seven pointed star “window” and an excess of towers.

Soundgirls: Switched-On Friendship

July 29, 2019

In this month’s article I write about the friendship between Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind-Tourre.

Switched-On Friendship – Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind-Tourre.

What does an Acoustician Do?

July 11, 2019

In which I interview Rosa Lin, an acoustician, for Sound Girls:

Interview with Rosa Lin, Acoustician

SoundGirls on Wikipedia pt 3 – Wiki Editing Q&A

June 10, 2019

On May 26th, 2019, a group of SoundGirls met online to discuss the ins and outs of Wikipedia. SoundGirls have an opportunity to spread awareness through Wikipedia, but it takes all of us. Every little edit, no matter how small, adds up. Similar to Geena Davis’ crusade of “If She Can See It She Can Be It,” let us build towards gender parity.